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Stela M.

"I had a great experience working with Violet. She is very kind and very knowledgeable. I'm new to meditation and I was struggling with high blood pressure, high sugar and depression. Since I've been meditating /one month now/ twice a day 20 min each time all this disappear and my sugar and blood pressure came back to normal. I never feel so happy, calm and relax. I highly recommend her but it's up to you to committed to the practice. Transcendental Meditation can change your life, your mental and physical health and your bad habits."

Debbie G.

"Violet was fantastic.I never ever thought I would be able to meditate but I can and it feel fantastic. Looking forward to the peaceful me.As a mother,wife,daughter,friend I have never really taken time for me and this feel great. I would highly recommend Violet."

Michaela B.

"Voilet is very accommodating and easy to talk to. I am new to meditation and she was really good at guiding me and making me feel at ease during the whole process. I can't wait for my next session."

Noor H.

"I enjoyed meeting Violet for my mediation introduction. She’s very kind, humble, and down to earth. The best was her making it easy for me to try something that I had trouble motivating myself for. Highly recommend!"

Maggie K.


  "It was my first time trying meditation. I took Violet's meditation course and it was an amazing experience. Violet is a great teacher, very kind and inspirational. She has an unique and personalized approach to meditation and made the whole experience very pleasant. She was extremely helpful, took the time to get to know me and motivated me. I see great results after working with Violet and highly recommend her." 

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