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When Is The Best Time To Meditate?

When Is The Best Time To Meditate

Meditation can help us find and cultivate our inner strength, focus, and resilience. Although, even if we understand the value of meditation, it’s sometimes hard to find time for it. And even if we are determined to make time, we may still wonder what part of the day is best for meditating.

In fact, the best time to meditate is dependent on your lifestyle and what your intentions are for your practice, such as meditation for depression, meditation for healing, or others. When meditation is practiced regularly, it has been shown to lead to a range of health benefits. Meditation promotes improved concentration, enhanced the quality of sleep, and reduced stress levels, to name but a few.

Potential benefits will be directly proportional to your commitment to sitting. That’s why it’s necessary to find a time that suits your way of life.

The Meditation Experience– Is There a Best Time?

So, what is the ideal time to meditate –night or day? Meditation professionals concur that the perfect meditation moment differs from person to person. However, certain times of day tend to be the topmost choices. Here are a few of them:

Morning meditation

Mornings are often looked upon as the ideal time for meditation since the mind is fresh and quiet. Also, most people are less likely to doze off in the wee hours of the morning. Those of us who practice every day appreciate morning meditation because it sets a productive and calm mood before the day’s activities and disturbances start. Some people prefer to sit before breakfast. You could give morning gratitude or spiritual meditation a try.

Trungram Gyalwa, a Meditation Coach, has explained the benefits of meditating in the morning:

We feel refreshed when we wake up. We’re not yet thinking about too much or worrying about all the things we need to get done today. Suppose we practice for a short while first thing in the morning, we’re likely to succeed in meditating regularly. And the positive gains from that morning meditation will remain with us the entire day.

Beginners may not find it easy to make time to meditate in the morning, especially when responsibilities and stress make it difficult to settle. Without completely committing to full meditation sessions, they may find it beneficial to settle into just some conscious breaths, resuming awareness for as long as is convenient.

Post Work Meditation

Some people choose to meditate right after they get back from work, and for a sound reason. If you have a physically demanding job or mentally challenging one, meditation is a great way to relieve the built-up tension from the body and mind. Meditating after work also creates a clear, and helpful boundary separating your personal life and your active work life. Thanks to keeping a routine quality “you” time, you can leave work behind and be more attentive to the other important matters in your life, including your family and leisure pursuits.

When You Feel Overwhelmed

Surely, there are brief moments when we feel overwhelmed, whether at home or at work. And when that happens, instead of clutching to the common remedies (social media, mindless TV, a whole pint of ice cream, drugs, etc.) to turn off what you’re feeling, why not try turning inwards? Try using a meditation timer, stop for a minute or two and breathe into awareness, and freshen your mind.

Mindfulness shows us that we can observe what’s going on within our bodies and minds without a reaction. With time, our practice becomes a habit and we can recognize when we need to just stop, observe, and take a moment of mindfulness. This short pause can help us deal with stressful situations more productively and beneficially.

Before Going To Sleep

There’s no actual consensus about whether choosing nighttime as your daily meditation hour is suitable or not. For some, this is the time they can relax: the day is done, the children are asleep, and things are generally quieter. If you enjoy evening meditation and can remain alert and focused, this may be the proper time for you.

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