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Transcendental Meditation

How Can Transcendental Meditation®Practice Benefit Me?

Many people claim that Transcendental Meditation®, an easy-to-practice technique has a transformative effect - make life far more balanced and pleasant. Its great benefits include stress reduction, reducing anxiety, hypertension, and mood disorders, and improving insomnia.There are several questions that beginners ask regarding this technique that we answer below.

What is Transcendental Meditation®?

Transcendental Meditation® or TM is a form of silent meditation created in India by Majarishi (which means great seer) Majesh Yogi in 1958. Its execution consists of the mental repetition of a mantra, unique and personalized for each practitioner, and in bringing the mind to a state of silence and absolute rest. The goal of Transcendental Meditation® is to go beyond thought to get away from stress and find true rest. It is said that if the technique is practiced in a group, it sends a message to the universe that affects peace and harmony for all.

In creating it, Majarishi Majesh Yogi aimed to improve people's lives within society. And those who practice it confess that they feel at peace and tranquility. Through this meditation technique, the mind relaxes, but the person who practices it does not experience drowsiness but calm and happy state.

Transcendental Meditation® allows the conscious mind to experience quieter levels and, ultimately, to transcend or go beyond even the finest impulse of thought, to experience pure consciousness, the source of thought, the field of creativity and infinite intelligence.

What if I'm not good at controlling my mind?

Unlike other forms of meditation, Transcendental Meditation® does not involve concentration, mind control, contemplation, or the supervision of thoughts. Anyone can do it - even children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) learn successfully with extraordinary results.

What if I am skeptical?

Trascendental Meditation® will work whether you're skeptical or not. This is because the technique automatically and effortlessly allows your active mind to establish itself in a state of deep inner calm.

What is the value of Transcendental Meditation® in daily life?

The American Heart Association reports that Transcendental Meditation® is associated with a 47% reduction in the death rate from myocardial infarction and stroke. Transcendental Meditation® has a clear and forceful definition: It remembers who we are.

How do I practice Transcendental Meditation®?

It is recommended that when practicing TM, the person must sit with their back straight in a comfortable position, such as in a chair with their hands on their legs, their eyes closed and few distractions around them. At first, the person will not be able to transcend easily, but with practice they will be able to go further and further. TM does not require concentration or attention, but assimilating everyday distractions and returning to the repetition of the mantra.

Inhale. Exhale.

Meditation is an open practice for everyone. It is not exclusive to Buddhist monks, yogis, or enlightened mystics in India. They practiced it, yes, but anyone with proper instruction can enjoy the benefits of meditation. If you are interested in learning, you should know that there are several ways to do it. Today we will tell you about a specific type of meditation,

Transcendental Meditation®.

Main benefits of Transcendental Meditation®

With daily practice, the mind can learn to transcend more and more easily to a state of absolute happiness and peace, beyond daily thoughts and distractions. Studies have shown that the act of transcending through Transcendental Meditation® directly benefits the brain. A study from Maharishi University showed that practitioners of Transcendental Meditation® were, "people who were 48% less likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke or death."

For its part, the American Heart Association reported that Transcendental Meditation®, "is the only meditation practice that reduces blood pressure." This has been scientifically proven. Transcendental Meditation® greatly benefits the nervous system, enhances creative abilities, and improves interpersonal relationships and self-knowledge. The key is to make this practice a habit, to integrate it more easily into our lives.

Among the celebrities who have made Transcendental Meditation® a habit are: David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, Madonna, Cameron Diaz, Russell Brand, Clint Eastwood, Naomi Watts, Ellen Degeneres, Oprah Winfrey, and Jerry Seinfield.

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