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Three Surprising Ways Yoga Can Help With Anxiety

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All of us experience anxiety at some stage of our life! Those panic attacks characterized by the increased heartbeat, tightness in your chest, thousand thoughts per second racing through the mind, and the desire to get out of our own bodies at once. Being a little excited and overwhelmed can sometimes channel productivity and help us achieve our tasks. But when this excitement converts into anxiety and the feeling reaches a point where it becomes a hindrance in the daily routine, it can wear us down and make functioning difficult.

Then, is yoga helpful?

Though yoga has been practised for years, millions of practitioners are unaware of its healing abilities. Can yoga as an alternative healing therapy, help you with your anxiety and release you from your anxious woes? Find your answers here!

1. Practice breathing asanas

Breathing works as the best escape – but, with anxiety, deep breaths can be a starting point for transformation. When the brain is bombarded with anxious thoughts, it can cause rapid breathing and tightening of the chest. Here are three basic yoga breathing techniques that can significantly alleviate your anxiety:

Basic breathing awareness

This means that anyone who is ‘anxious’ at the moment, should be aware of their breathing patterns – how the air flows in and out of the lungs. Try to focus on the process without trying to alter it. This act will eventually slow down the breathing disturbance and stable your heart rate.

Abdominal breathing

This exercise is as calming as breath awareness. It helps slow down the racing thoughts and get us away from the collage of incidents forming in our brains. Start with basic breathing awareness and then take your focus to your abdomen. Feel the movement of your abdomen as you inhale and exhale.

Left nostril breathing

The left nostril is connected to the right hemisphere of the brain, and breathing through it activates soothing and calming energy. Start with simple breathing awareness and block the right nostril with the right-hand thumb and breathe with the left.

2. Practice asana

Anxiety is accompanied by stress and tension and sometimes, follows both of these conditions. Stress tends to accumulate in the physical realm, i.e., our bodies. Yoga helps in releasing pressure through the practice of asana and relaxation. There are several asanas that can help, such as the child’s pose, Sav asana, and ‘legs up the wall’ pose in particular, but it is the way in which these are practiced that are most helpful. Relax your whole body as you surrender to each pose and focus on your breathing.

3. Lifestyle

Our lifestyle plays a dramatic role in causing anxiety, and things like caffeine and stress only add fuel to the flames. Anxiety Treatment Centers in Elmhurst guide us on how to benefit from simple yoga practices for the greater good. Yoga makes us self-aware. But, the healing process also depends on how we can respect and nurture our bodies with healthy food that supports us along with positive thoughts. Inculcate yoga into your life so that you can reap its benefits for a long time. It takes time to retrain your body and brain, so weaving it into your lifestyle would give it time to settle permanently.

Don’t let anxiety run your life; instead, take your life into your own hands and hunker it down till it is nothing but a driving force that only makes you more productive and energetic. Any personal transformation institute can guide you into making such a change and how yoga can be the focal point of your new life. A reduction in overall anxiety will improve your quality of life and those around you. This change may cause some initial anxiety, but over time it will be the best decision you ever made for yourself!

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