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Three Basic Things To Do BEFORE And AFTER Taking Reiki Sessions

Updated: May 4, 2020

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Reiki is an ancient, yet highly popular alternative healing therapy aiming towards the reduction of stress. It redirects one's internal energy so that the same can be used for productive purposes by the mind and body.

In Reiki healing classes, the sensei moves energy using the movement of their hands and opening up the students' chakras. People from all walks of life are motivated to try Reiki for various reasons. The majority is looking for healing and wants to take their health into their own hands. You can get the most out of your Reiki by being open and let its joy envelope you without reservations.

A Reiki session is often described as a combination of light-touch and out of the body energy sweeping – as calming and grounding. And for others, it feels like a much-needed emotional realignment.

Reiki unleashes the invisible force that guides us, which was somehow blocked due to negative thoughts, unhealed trauma, or stress. This causes us to perform at sub-optimal levels, and Reiki allows the energy to flow freely as it once did. Many of you must be wondering how best you can prepare for your reiki online classes! Here's how you can make the most out of your Reiki healing classes.

3 Things to do before the session

1. Relax and reflect

Set aside 30 minutes before your session, during which you can sit and reflect on how your body is feeling and anything particular with regards to thoughts, emotions, or physical sensations. Do some breathing and focus on what you intend to gain from your session and anything you may want to share with your sensei. It's also a good idea to write these affirmations in a journal or a small slip of paper to self-reflect later.

2. Eat and hydrate

Make sure you have eaten well and hydrated a couple of hours before your session. This helps your sound body achieve the reiki goals, and you'd find yourself in the most comfortable condition – no distractions of hunger or thirst! Eating a heavy meal immediately before your reiki session may not be a good idea as it may distract the body and deviate the energies towards digestion of food. Avoid tea or coffee; however, herbal tea would be a great alternative.

3. Get comfortable

Wear comfortable clothes and make sure you use the restroom before your reiki healing classes. Remember, comfort is the key to being open and integrating Reiki energy. Eliminate all distractions from within and your surroundings so that your whole body is in tune with the Reiki session.

3 things to do after the session

1. Assimilate

The treatment benefits begin as soon as the session is over, and it's essential to be someplace that is conducive to peace so that you can assimilate and integrate what happens. Try not to do any heavy or energy-consuming activity right after the session and let your body absorb all the good. If you are habitual of maintaining a journal, it's good to go back and self-evaluate your feelings based on your affirmations.

2. Eat and hydrate

Yes, this is exactly what you should do before the reiki session too! While using the energy, it is essential to hydrate and include electrolytes to your body so that it replenishes you physically and mentally. If your body is hungry, then be sure to listen to it and choose healthy snacks if needed. Eating helps to ground the body, and a bonus can be a piece of dark chocolate that may prove to be quite therapeutic.

3. Meditate or rest

Reflection after the session is helpful. You can call a friend and share your experience, doodle, draw, or capture any insight you had during the session. Performing a meditating activity or taking a power nap also proves beneficial. You may also listen to some calming music. Whatever activity you choose, make sure it helps you to connect to what you experienced during your Reiki classes in Elmhurst.

All in all, allow yourself to be open to change and welcome the new sensations that maybe your road to newfound success in personal and professional life. Envision yourself on the path to healing and set an intention to receive all that is good and pure.

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