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Important Acrylic Painting Techniques for Beginners

Many beginner artists wish to try their luck in the acrylic painting department, but they don't know where and how to get started. Here is a guide for all beginners and aspiring artists who intend to create some colorful acrylic paintings.

Application of Paint

A brush, acrylic paint, and paper can be used in many exciting ways to create a Colorful acrylic painting. Here are some key tactics that you can use to mix colors, apply paint, and create a colorful acrylic painting.


Acrylic paints can be used as an alternative to watercolors by diluting them in water. After diluting the colors, you can notice the acrylic paint's consistency by applying it to the painting surface. The main difference between acrylics and watercolors is that the acrylic paint would settle permanently on the surface. Many artists who put their acrylic canvas paintings for sale in Elmhurst use them to create beautiful art pieces.

Dry brush

If the acrylic paint is applied to canvas or any other painting surface with a dry brush and the paint is undiluted, it will form an intense color on the surface. Due to the lack of water, the lines will be uneven, but it will help you achieve a unique effect. Applying dry brush to the surface provides texture to the lines. Many artists who put their acrylic canvas paintings for sale in Elmhurst use the dry brush technique for their acrylic artworks.


An uneven splatter effect can be achieved by flicking or splattering the paint onto a surface using a relatively wet brush. The splattering method is used by many artists who wish to create an abstract painting or to achieve a starry night effect. Various acrylic canvas paintings for sale in Elmhurst use this method to achieve different textures.

Techniques for creating a painting


Adding some layering to the artwork provides its texture and character. If you are willing to put some layering in your artwork, you would have to add big colored blocks to the painting and repeat the process till you achieve refinement and texture in the artwork. Artists who have their acrylic canvas paintings for sale in Elmhurst use layering to achieve different textures and details to the art piece.


By using a paper towel or a sponge, you can dab on accents of color. Dabbing lends a bit of texture to the painting and helps achieve a unique effect that can be used to develop a colorful acrylic painting. The dabbing method can be useful if you are willing to paint a landscape or an image with decent scenery. Some of the original acrylic paintings available for sale in Elmhurst use this technique to achieve various effects.


Glazing is an effective technique to highlight the tiny details in your artwork. You can add a matte medium by mixing a slight amount of matte medium with acrylic paints and then use it by painting thin layers on the painting surface. Glazing can be closely noticed in some original acrylic paintings available for sale in Elmhurst.


Initiate the painting process by forming a sketch-like image in paint. You can use this technique with the contrasting colors with the color palette applied in the final artwork. Many established artists who have their acrylic canvas paintings for sale in Elmhurst use underpainting to refine their artworks.

Color Mixing

Mixing acrylic paints is an art, and once you have mastered this art, you can create different textures using the colors you have at your disposal. The essential tip for color mixing is that you don't need to mix all the colors at once but gradually start combining two colors with the palette knife, and if you are not satisfied with the color or the texture, you can add some more. You can also create a family of contrasting colors that would provide character to your art piece and help you create some colorful acrylic paintings.

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