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Five Tips You Need to Follow to Save Some Money on The Art Supplies

Visits to the art store can be expensive because you can never have enough artwork supplies. Sometimes, when you are short on cash, it gets challenging to cut corners and yet fulfill the need for art supplies. Once you are an established artist, you can put your acrylic artwork for sale in Elmhurst.

Here are a few tips you can follow to save some money on your next visit to the art store.

Buy in Bulk

It's good to buy the art supplies in bulk if it's financially viable for you. Look out for the annual sales and try to hoard as many art supplies as you can so you don't have to spend money now and then on expensive art supplies. If you buy the art supplies in bulk, the art supply store is more likely to offer you the wholesale price, which can help you save a lot of money. Buying the art supplies in bulk will not only save your frequent visits to the art stores but eventually, you can get that money back by putting your acrylic artwork for sale in Elmhurst or anywhere in the world.

Protect the Art Supplies

Some art supplies, such as the pallet knives, last for a lifetime. Ensure that you protect your art supplies from being damaged to save yourself from buying the art supply essential again and again. Frequently check the paints and ensure that their lids are packed and stored in suitable temperature conditions. Be sure about some art supplies expiry dates as some paints and pigments get dried out over time. For instance, if you have some remaining black and white paints that are close to the expiry date, then you should utilize them and create black and white acrylic paint.

Avoid Overdoing the Paint

Using less amount of paint for a painting is a tried and tested idea. Try to save as much paint as possible and utilize a small amount of paint for every painting. To achieve this, you must have enough knowledge about mixing and spreading the colors evenly so you can save up the precious paints. Many established artists who have their acrylic artwork for sale in Elmhurst use different techniques and methods to save up their paint as much as they can.

Be Loyal to an Art Store

Being a frequent visitor to an art store can help you gain some perks. Art stores are likely to give various discounts and coupons to their loyal customers. It is essential to know that not every art store offers discount coupons. Hence, you need to be a patient and persistent visitor to various art stores to figure out if they have any loyalty program or coupon policy. You can find some rare acrylic pour paints at different art stores in Elmhurst.

Stretch the Canvas

Stretched canvas is relatively expensive, and not every artist wants to spend the hard-earned commission on a new canvas. Avoid buying a new canvas, and consider extending your existing canvas to make the most of it. Nearly every artist agrees that canvas is the perfect medium for paintings such as black and white acrylic paintings. By stretching your canvas, you would have more room to experiment with various kinds of textures and paints as you would not be waiting to create the perfect masterpiece to use your existing canvas.


Spending loads of money on art supplies might be satisfactory for some artists, but many emerging artists cannot afford to spend a fortune on expensive art supplies. Using your art supplies efficiently will save you money and help you use your existing resources to the fullest. You should follow the tips and tricks to save up your art supplies until you are one of those established artists who have their paintings and other acrylic artwork for sale in Elmhurst and other parts of the world.

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