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Best Time to Meditate

The Best Time to Meditate and One to Avoid

In general, there are four times a day during which meditation comes in pretty handy. These are morning, lunch break, the moment when you feel stressed, and right before bedtime. All this, however, depends upon what you expect of meditation. Basically, what it comes down to is this: if you want to start your day fresh and full of energy, try meditating once you wake up. But, if you aim for inner peace and relaxation, you can undergo meditation when you're stressed or so to sleep.

We, the experts in new life meditation in Elmhurst, IL, recommend that you read the following four points to help you decide the right time for your transformation.

Early in the Day

Laura Maciuika, Ed.D, a clinical psychologist and author of Conscious Calm, says that what you do once you wake up in the morning will set the tone for the rest of the day. Her advice for beginners is to start out just breathing deeply in and out for five minutes. She recommends if you're doing morning meditation do it before eating anything.

When You're Stressed

We can't find a better time to meditate more than when you're packed with stress and anxiety. In that state, mini-meditation can be beneficial. Stacey Shipman, M.Ed, a stress management specialist, deems that meditation is an effective de-stressor when you're feeling depressed. It helps you to stay calm, feel empowered, and think clearly along. Even when you think you don't have time to meditate, still take out some time to feel better and less overwhelmed.

On Your Lunch Break

Midday meditation can provide a wide range of benefits. It's a road to relaxation, especially after a long meeting or intermittent tasks at the office. A handful of meditation minutes releases tight muscles cause while sitting in stiff posture over a computer. It improves focus, willingness, and productivity by stopping you from recurring thoughts. But most importantly, it's an incredible awareness-building tool, allowing you to be prejudice-free and accepting.

At the End of Your Workday

According to Dr. Laura Maucika, meditating at the end of the workday is a great way to de-stress from office. It's also a way to psychologically separate your private life from your professional life. Beginners can use their breathing to re-center their attention, which will result in a great evening and night.

Right Before You Go Sleep

Laura Maciuika does not recommend sleep meditation. What you can do is you can have an hour between meditation and sleep. That way, these two things will remain separate and unlinked.

The Right Answer

Most people enjoy meditating in the morning because the effects last throughout the day.. But we agree that it depends on the person and their goal. Try to set a time to meditate that helps you the most.

For expert advice on when to meditate, and when not to, call us directly at 224.595.7912.

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