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All You Need to Know About Acrylic Pour Painting Supplies

Acrylic pour painting is a unique art technique that helps you create an artwork that would stand apart. To achieve the desired results, including the color shift and texture, you would need suitable acrylic pour painting supplies to take your painting to the next level. Acrylic pour painting supplies are available in Elmhurst at different prices, so if you want to put their acrylic artwork for sale in Elmhurst, you should consider investing in good quality acrylic pour painting supplies.

It's possible to do acrylic pour painting on many various kinds of surfaces. Sealed and primed wood panels are suitable surfaces because they can resist heavy paint without sagging.

Here are a few kinds of surfaces that can be used for acrylic pour paintings.

Stretched Canvases

Stretched canvases are available in different sizes, shapes, and prices, and they can be easily found in various art supply stores. A canvas that has staple-free edges are suitable for acrylic pour paintings because the canvas can be displayed without the frame. Many acrylic canvas paintings for sale in Elmhurst are displayed on stretched canvases.

Wood Panels

All kinds of wood panels are suitable for different acrylic canvas paintings. If the wood panel is not sealed correctly and prime, it needs to be done before painting. They are the most common type of acrylics pour painting supplies used by beginners and artists. Various kinds of wood panels are used by artists who put acrylic canvas paintings for sale in Elmhurst.

Ampersand Gessobord Panels

Ampersand Gessobord Panels are high-quality panels used by artists to display professional artwork. Ampersand Gessobord Panels are available in different sizes and are made with high-quality material, which is extremely durable. They are one of the essential acrylics pour painting supplies used by artists worldwide.

Soft-Body Acrylic Paints

The soft-body acrylic paints are perfect for acrylic canvas paintings because they have a fluid consistency for pouring purposes. The soft body acrylics are high in price and often used by artists to create top quality acrylic canvas paintings. You can find many acrylic canvas paintings for sale in Elmhurst developed by using acrylic pour paints.

Artist-Quality Liquid Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paints designed for artists have a high concentration of pigments, brighter colors, and lesser color shifts when the paint dries. They provide durability and less likely to show cracks. Acrylic pour paints in Elmhurst are available in different price ranges and can be found in every leading art supply store.


For pour, painting at least two or three acrylic paints are necessary. If the artist likes to experiment with different color combinations in a painting, they should consider buying six to ten colors or liquid acrylic paint sets. A little sparkle and shine can be added in a pour painting using iridescent, pearlescent, metallic, or interference paint colors. Artists who put their acrylic canvas paintings for sale in Elmhurst use different color combinations to obtain a unique look and texture in their paintings.

Pouring Medium

A pouring medium is required to be mixed with the liquid acrylic paints to form a distinctive effect when the paint is poured onto a surface—pouring medium assists in keeping each color isolated and prevents the colors from mixing into a single dye. The artists who put their acrylic artworks for sale in Elmhurst use high quality pouring medium to prevent the cracks that might appear on the artwork.

Liquitex Pouring Medium and Golden GAC 800 are two of the most popular pouring mediums used widely in different artworks all over the world, including the acrylic canvas paintings available for sale at Elmhurst.

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