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Inner Peace Lounge Meditation shows everyone the path to the highest spiritual enlightenment, since pure consciousness is a field of perfect order and even a small contact with it creates natural balance between the mind and the body. We all have deep rooted creativity within us, from which we can draw, as long as we descend into the deep serene places, in those quiet moments, which are offered by Inner Peace Lounge Meditation.

Meditation is a time when you are with yourself in the present- not the past or future. During meditation you are free from everything. You are your true self. Fear and anxiety couldn’t touch you. You are meditating to restore your pure and pristine being. Success in meditation rests on our ability to unite the mind with the breath. When united with healthy breath, the mind becomes healthy. For a fruitful meditation we need a healthy mind. Yogis refer breath as the heart and soul of meditation.


C. S. Lewis had rightly written, “You don’t have a soul – you are a soul. You have a body.” And so, our souls define our mental state. The best way to renovate our soul and rejuvenate physical health is to meditate and clear the body of all the toxins. Meditation has proven benefits. Being talked about centuries, it is known as one of the top ways to heal the abnormalities of heart and mind. It brings mindfulness, focus, and determination.


Meditation Sessions


Be it any form, health meditation, or something else; we need a meditation coach who’d help us regain the lost strength of our souls and walk us through our path of physical and spiritual purity. Research suggests that guided meditation classes help people achieve mental clarity, improve cognitive levels, and reduce stress. It enhances their motivation levels and electrifies enthusiasm in whichever field they pursue.


Why Choose Inner Peace Lounge


We provide you more than a platform. With us, it’s a lifetime opportunity to find the real you, the happy you, the calm and stress-free you who was lost in the mad rat race of this world. With Violet Ivanova as your meditation coach, you can avail our variety of meditation classes in whichever form you find convenient:


1. In Home Meditation

2. Distant Meditation

3. Skype Meditation

4: Transcendental Meditation

5: Meditation In Distance


Who should meditate?

According to quantum experts, anybody who wishes to energize their souls like planets in their orbits – unstoppable and unbeatable, should continue to meditate. It’s a wonderful practice for professionals who belong to the field that requires them to be mentally present and creative. In our center near Meditation Studio Elmhurst, we get hundreds of booking requests from teachers, artists, architects, programmers, designers, and writers. Let us show you the path to peace, purity, and passion! All you have to do is be persistent with it and you will experience the love, peace and light in this transcending state of mind. Calm your mind, heal your body, forget your problems and feel fearless, free and connected with the Universe.


1 Hour Private Session                                    $125

1 Hour In Home Session                                  Vary*

4 Hour Meditation Course                               $420

1 Hour Long Distance

Meditation Session                                            $64

* Price Vary based on your location.

* By appointment only. No walk-ins.

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