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Reiki Healings

Experience true peace of mind, relaxation, and internal harmony with this Japanese technique practiced for years at Inner Peace Lounge, 'Reiki.' This method is backed by the concept of Life Force Energy, lower levels of which can expose the body to certain physical and mental health issues. At Inner Peace Lounge, we specifically use this excellent all-natural aid to cure stress and anxiety and to relieve pain for people who enroll in either a 45-minute or a 1-hour reiki healings session.  


Why should you practice energy healing reiki?

Inner Peace Lounge has successfully helped hundreds of people on their journey of transformation and mindfulness, and reiki sessions are one of them. Practicing reiki energy, with an instructor has these wondrous benefits

  1. Reiki is one of the top methods to reduce stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and cure mental health without medicine.

  2. Reiki energy supports the immune system by balancing heart rate and blood pressure.

  3. Reiki improves focus and cognitive levels. People have experienced higher levels of physical energy and a 'çan-do' attitude after attending reiki healings regularly.

  4. Healing through reiki releases' happiness hormones' in the body, decreasing mood swings.

  5. It directly eliminates toxin hormones in the body, becoming the easiest source of internal cleansing and purification.



How do reiki and energy healing work?

If you are new on your path to spiritual success, you might need an introduction to the basics of reiki. The foundations of this type of healing lie in a simple concept of Life Force, which is said to flow through the channels in our physical body. These channels are also called chakras, in technical language - you may label them as fields of energy in the body that supply life to mind and soul, bringing them all onto one common plane. While energy flows within the body, our organs and organ systems come into direct contact with these positive vibes. These rays brush off all the toxicity, stress, and negative feelings while it's on the way to subsequent chakras. This cleansing process helps the vital organs perform their routine functions in a more efficient and effective way.

According to instructors who deliver these specific reiki healing courses worldwide, reiki needs practice, and once your thought process accepts this cure, you won't have to depend on medicine to fight against stress and anxiety - be it stress arising from your personal life or your career.

Book a Session with the best Reiki Energy Healer

Because Inner Peace Lounge promises to help people meet their peace goals and achieve satisfaction and a sense of fulfillment in their personal and professional life, we practice the same with our booking procedure. It is quick, easy, and convenient, with the most viable online payment options available. All you have to do is write to us via this short application form and mention the course you're most interested in. Plus, we also have representatives to respond to each query personally. In case you need guidance about the contents of the Reiki Healings session or any other course in the catalog, don't hesitate to email us. These courses can be attended online, and you can book your favorite time slot, be it any hour of the day!

But before you move ahead on your journey to mindfulness, we encourage you to read our testimonials and enter the world of harmony and gratitude with conscientious efforts and practicing attitude. Good luck on your journey!

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