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“Spiritual art is not about fairyland. It is about taking hold of the rough texture of life. It is about addressing the shadow and making friends with wild dogs. Spirituality is the awareness that everything in life is for a higher purpose.”

-       The Remodernism Manifesto


The quote fully captures the philosophy of life and art of Violet Ivanova, who is an American artist focused on the spiritual, a meditation instructor and a Reiki practitioner. Hailing from the culturally rich Bulgaria, Violet moved to the United States in 2004 and found her calling in meditation coaching and spiritual art a few years later.


Art, however, was always a strong passion of hers. She loved the vivacity, energy and diversity of colors, feeling a strong sense of pull toward them. In her early 20s, Violet accepted the position of a kindergarten craft teacher while working as a part-time tattoo artist and immensely enjoyed the interactive nature of her work. Comprehending how people and children felt about colors and shapes, communicating these ideas to create new ones, and capturing them in tattoos and artwork became therapy to her.


Over the years, Violet has refined her art and become a spiritual artist who uses colors and form to depict deep images that encourage the mind to connect with the spirit and attain a higher level of consciousness. Her work now frequently involves chakra colors in combination with healing crystals, gemstones, and Luxe metallic powders, all combined to form impactful images that the spirit can soak in and feel refreshed with.


Her unique form of acrylic fluid abstract paintings are created with various inspirations. Violet finds the ocean her biggest inspiration, but she is also greatly fascinated with angels, light beings, and cosmic consciousness, all of which can be found in the imagery of her work if you look closely enough.


Violet’s paintings are a sophisticated combination of various techniques sometimes driven by the Pleiadian consciousness. Each of her paintings is created to promote introspective feelings of wellbeing and are open to individual interpretations.



  "My passion is about enabling my clients to reach their inner power and authenticity with their own soul's purpose. Every day I wake up with the desire to share more with people through meditation. Over the years, I have personally witnessed the transformation of many of my clients as they moved from panic and anxiety to confidence and calm, from fear and anger to self-love and self-kindness, from lost to found. They feel a natural unfolding of deeper compassion, a greater clarity about life, and a more universal perspective that weaves through each thought. My hope  and intention is that you experience the same powerful transformation through the daily practice of meditation.


Each practice is customized to each person's needs, so that they can become self-sufficient and caring for their own health. Using unique techniques, I help my clients create balance in their mind-body connection. When you do self work through meditation to better yourself and calm yourself, you affect and change the world around you without even being aware of it. By practicing meditation and making a commitment, you are a strong part of the deep, lasting change that our planet so badly needs at this time."



After years of reaping the benefits of this practice, Violet decides to share her love and passion for meditation with others, so that they too can experience the numerous benefits of it.




"When people are less stressed and connect to their true higher-self, the possibilities are endless..."

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